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Anthem Vegan was born out of a couple of different events.

A few years ago, I was introduced to veganism through a good friend. She would cook a lot, and really got me excited to try this new approach. I ran with it, quickly adopting the entire lifestyle. I started a vegan brunch at a local bar where I worked. The owner was kind enough to let us cut our teeth, so to speak. It was short lived though and we yearned for something more unique.

Out of that experience, came the Speakeasy Vegan Brunch which we ran out of my house. A friend of mine and I put on this invite only, 30 plate monthly event that took off rather quickly. Local breweries would donate beer. We had tables set up in the yard. Some 4 tops, some 8 tops. If you showed up w a party of 3, or alone, you sat with strangers, for instance. People were kinda forced to make new friends. It was our way of making this a community event. It got people talking to one another that they might not normally meet elsewhere.

I started managing a live music venue. Vegan Happy Hour started here. The happy hour would have dj’s and live bands. And whatever I brought in the crock pot that week. Free to all. Really cheap drinks didn’t hurt either. Then through pop ups and pot lucks, things really started taking shape.

These were both very social events.

It’s always been about bringing people together through good food. Music has always been a part if it as well. Anthem is carrying on that tradition, now full scale, for more than 3 years.

We buy fresh local organic produce when available. All of our food is nut free. Much of it is gluten free. We use only non-GMO soy. The best locally made tortillas. We use scratch house made sauces and dressings. Our concept is to build on a solid foundation, and with a strong crew we’re always being innovative to bring new ideas to your plate.

Come try what we’re doing differently. We think you’ll love it.